creative agency audits

Quote unquote: How agencies get creative with choosing suppliers

Read my lips: ‘I will always obtain multiple quotations for any production or post-production work done on behalf of…

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Taming alligators: Creative Agency Exit Audits

Erika Blomerus, our new Global Audit Manager, has spent a good deal of time auditing creative agencies. She likens the…

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“We’re creative people, not numbers people”

Nowadays, some of the freshest, sparkiest, outside-the-box thinking springs from the boutique creative shops. So what…

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Always-On Contract Compliance Audits: Quick course corrections to keep budgets on track

Always-on marketing. Real-time analytics. 24×7 campaign management. The pace of marketing life is getting faster.…

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Financial Progression partners with ISBA on marketing contract compliance audits

In the continuously changing landscape of media and advertising, transparency and accountability continue to figure…

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This won't hurt a bit – marketing agency contract compliance audit

This won’t hurt a bit: 6 reasons agencies (should) welcome a Contract Compliance Audit

The account’s running smooth as silk, the campaign metrics are through the roof, the review meetings are upbeat and…

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WFA report montage

WFA survey report: Achieving greater financial transparency with your media and marketing agencies

Financial Progression has been working with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) on a key piece of peer research:…

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‘Creative Accounting’ – Common Themes from Audits of Creative Agencies around the Globe

As more clients understand the broader benefits of auditing their agencies, many are exploring opportunities outside…

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Production Transparency – should advertisers outside the US be concerned?

Fourteen months after its landmark report on media transparency, the ANA has delivered another paper that raises…

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How do I choose the right marketing contract compliance auditor for the job?

You’ve decided to do a marketing contract compliance audit, you’ve discussed whose budget is going to fund it and now…

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