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John Guess


John is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of ‘Big 4’ client service experience conducting audits as well as assisting clients with business process improvement initiatives. His industry experience includes technology, healthcare, life sciences and manufacturing. John currently resides in the US and has lived and worked in the UK and Australia.

John’s background and approach

Here’s a recent interview with me to give you a little more background on who I am and what makes me tick.

What prompted you to start contract compliance auditing advertising and media agencies?

I have an extensive financial audit background which translates very nicely into contract auditing. I met Adrian through a mutual friend and as we started to get to know one another, it became evident that we shared a lot of similar qualities and values. I am really impressed with the practice that Adrian has built and am very excited to be part of the team.

How have your previous experiences in business helped you at Financial Progression?

My many years of experience as a client service provider, auditor and business process consultant to a variety of businesses provides a great background to serve FP’s clients. Included in that body of experience is extensive knowledge and expertise with a variety of procurement and purchase-to-pay systems which is helpful in understanding agency spend. Although my FP colleagues have more experience with marketing and agency operations than I did prior to joining FP, they have done a tremendous job of helping me gain better insight into the relevant issues as well as integrate me into the firm.

Which part of your work gives you the greatest sense of achievement?

I like to leave something better than I’ve found it and get great satisfaction at the completion of a project or task particularly when it addresses a significant risk or helps unlock value that was not previously identified. I am very much aligned with Adrian’s vision of providing quality client service and I am not satisfied unless my clients are satisfied. I take a lot of pride in my work effort.

How would people describe you?

I suppose it’s all of the things you hear about most accountants (detail oriented, analytical, practical, structured…) but I certainly have my quirks and I appreciate the attributes and peculiarities that make people unique. I think people would describe me as principled, determined, trustworthy and high energy.

What motivates you to do what you do?

I’m very results driven and have never shied away from putting in the hours or coming up with creative solutions to achieve a desired outcome. Despite the generalizations about accountants and auditors, I am very people-oriented and enjoy working with people and that has served me well during my career as a client-service professional. The FP client-service model resonates very positively with me in terms of helping improve the relationship between agency and client and is something I strive to do on each and every engagement I am involved with.

What can you be found doing when you’re not at work?

I have noticed a shift in my work/life balance over the past several years and I place much greater value on my time away from work. Maintaining fitness is important to my mental and physical well-being and I make time to do that. Much of my life outside work centers around family and I try to incorporate the things I am passionate about into our family activities wherever possible. We love to travel and venture out of our comfort zone to experience other people, places and cultures. My children are involved in various sporting activities and I really enjoy watching and participating in their development. Experiencing the great outdoors is always high on my list whether it be hiking, skiing, beaches, or camping.

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