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Production Transparency – should advertisers outside the US be concerned?

Fourteen months after its landmark report on media transparency, the ANA has delivered another paper that raises concerns over financial transparency and conflicts of interest, this time relating to the US production industry. Following hot on the heels of the announcement at the end of 2016 that the US Department of Justice was investigating production Read More

‘If one of our agencies is overcharging us, could they all be doing it?’

We are often asked ‘is agency A better than agency B when it comes to overcharging?’. The surprising answer: ‘how your brand team interacts with the agency has far more of a bearing…’ A good few years ago now, I was setting up a Finance function to support the Procurement team at a major FMCG. Read More

With advertising and marketing agency contracts, God is in the details

Before you sign on the dotted line, an eye for detail and the opinions of subject matter experts can save you loads of time and money. We were approached by a well-known FMCG company to quote for an exit audit in case it decided to move away from the incumbent agency during an upcoming pitch Read More

Did you really want to give your agency a golden goodbye?

If you’re thinking of changing agencies, it pays to do a bit of financial housekeeping before you wave them off. When you serve notice on an agency, it’s amazing how quickly everyone takes their eye off the ball. A well-known brand asked us to carry out an exit audit of a PR agency. The spend Read More

Is the top agency talent working on your business? Or on someone else’s?

When you change the agency’s fee structure, how do you know you’re still getting the same quality of staff on your account? In conversation with the Marketing Procurement Manager at one of our long-standing clients, it became apparent that the Head of Media had recently left the business. This meant that, for the first time, Read More

Agencies seek fame for their creative work, not for their financial management

As an FMCG client recently discovered, priorities and practicalities dictate that the Finance function in an agency is often not as high up the departmental pecking order as it is in your organisation. A large FMCG decided, after six years of working successfully with a creative agency, that it required a change in creative direction Read More

‘It’s in the contract, so it must be happening. Right?’

A major brand discovers that if you don’t look, you could be in for some surprises. As a brand working with an agency, there are some fundamental things you expect to happen: output that meets your expectations, fees to be charged as agreed, reconciliations to be performed regularly. We were approached by a well-known global brand Read More

‘Audit my agency? Dare I even look?’

With agency relationships, a golden rule is: If you’re not checking, you can’t know what’s actually going on. A large FMCG approached us after having a number of conversations about costs with one of its agencies, which simply did not seem to make sense. As a result it started to wonder whether it was being Read More

‘Sorry, our contract says you can’t see that.’

If there are more words governing audit rights than in the rest of the commercial agreement, it’s worth asking why. We were approached by a global retailer who wanted reassurance that its multi-million pound annual contract with its lead creative agency in the UK had been implemented as written. Following our initial review of the Read More

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