Adrian Jenkins FCA, Director, Financial Progression Limited.

‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. Trouble is, I don’t know which half.’

Adrian Jenkins knows where it goes.
John Wanamaker, pioneer of modern advertising and marketing techniques, famously hated budgetary black holes. Here at Financial Progression we’re not huge fans of unproductive marketing spend either. Adrian Jenkins and his expert team of finance professionals work with global brands like yours to ensure exemplary budgetary behaviour and contractual compliance from your marketing agencies. Find out more →
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Financial Progression is sponsoring ProcureCon Marketing Europe

We are delighted to announce that Financial Progression is sponsoring ProcureCon Marketing Europe from 11th – 13th June 2019 at Twickenham Stadium, near London.

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‘Creative Accounting’ – Common Themes from Audits of Creative Agencies around the Globe

As more clients understand the broader benefits of auditing their agencies, many are exploring opportunities outside of media, bringing focus to bear on their lead creative and below the line agencies.

In the past 12 months we’ve conducted audits of creative agencies in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia for a variety of different clients and found five key themes that continue to re-occur.

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Update: We’re growing places →

As marketing contract compliance audit specialists, we’re working on a more international basis than ever before — helping some of the world’s biggest brands get full visibility and control over their advertising and media agency spend. To reflect this, we feel it’s a good time to move from our current domain to a global .com domain.

So, a heads-up: very soon, this site will move lock, stock and barrel to our new .com domain.

It’ll be business as usual throughout: no scaffolding, no carpet protectors, and nothing for you to do. All the deep insights, tips and marketing compliance anecdotes you expect from Financial Progression will just seamlessly move over to

Comments Off on Production Transparency – should advertisers outside the US be concerned?

Production Transparency – should advertisers outside the US be concerned?

Fourteen months after its landmark report on media transparency, the ANA has delivered another paper that raises concerns over financial transparency and conflicts of interest, this time relating to the US production industry. Following hot on the heels of the announcement at the end of 2016 that the US Department of Justice was investigating production practices, the report casts further doubt over the ethical values held by creative agencies and holding companies when it comes to managing their clients’ money.

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Comments Off on How do I choose the right marketing contract compliance auditor for the job?

How do I choose the right marketing contract compliance auditor for the job?

You’ve decided to do a marketing contract compliance audit, you’ve discussed whose budget is going to fund it and now you want to find a suitable provider to do the work. Where should you start?

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Comments Off on Am I allowed to audit my agency?

Am I allowed to audit my agency?

Having read “The 105th thing on your to do list” you will now know what kind of audit you’re looking to conduct. So what’s the next step? Before you go out looking for an auditor, you need to check that you are actually ‘allowed’ to audit your agency and, if you are, what can and can’t be audited.

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The 105th thing on your ‘to do’ list may be the most important…

So imagine the scenario: you’ve got a set marketing budget that seems to be squeezed year-on-year; new opportunities arise that need to be tested; old, well-trodden routes to market need to be sustained; constant evaluations need to be done to ensure you’re nimble and maximizing the opportunities; and your parent company has just issued the (annual) email to say that it’s putting a stop on spending any uncommitted budget at the end of the month. Sound familiar?

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The ANA media transparency report – a marketer’s perspective

Janis Prescott spent 20 years in a wide variety of marketing roles in a blue chip company before joining Financial Progression earlier this year to oversee its marketing activities. Here she offers her perspective on K2 Intelligence’s report into US media transparency for the ANA.

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Trust and transparency in client-agency relationships

From the perspective of any marketing contract compliance auditor, the results of the ID Comms 2016 Transparency Survey are music to their ears.  For Financial Progression, the results mirror exactly the ethos on which the business was established: namely that the more brands understand the financial realities and business models of agencies, the more readily they will find a mutually beneficial way of working together.

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